Natural Remedies For Painful and Irregular Menstruation

Many women today have problems with menstruation; they either have irregular or painful menstruation. These irregularities are mainly related to hormone instability. In traditional medicine it is known that women used several types of herbs to improve their health and they knew the exact combination that will facilitate their symptoms. The pharmaceutical industry offers various medications in order to stabilize your menstrual cycle or to help ease the pain. If you wish to try some natural remedies than we recommend you to try with chaste tree, which will help you regulate the menstrual cycle, and lady's mantle for painful menstruation.

Chaste tree

Chaste tree is a plant that was used long time ago to regulate the menstrual cycle. By using this plant you can reduce the level of prolactin in the blood, which is the main cause of irregular menstruation. Thanks to this plant and its regular consumption, the menstrual cycle can be normalized within three months, as well as ovulation cycle. Therefore, its benefit is not only reflected in the normalization of the menstrual cycle, but also in promoting fertility.

Consumation of this plant begins five days before ovulation and stops five days before the menstruation, for 3 to 9 months. People younger than 18 years should not consume this plant and it is taken only during irregular menstrual cycle.
Lady's Mantle & Chaste Tree

Lady’s mantle

Lady’s mantle, just like the chaste tree, is used for treating many illnesses and helps resolve menstrual and other problems, such as leucorrhea, inflammation with the secretion and injury of the uterus. The role of the lady’s mantle is to strengthen the walls of the uterus, thus protects from the abortion and it facilitates childbirth. It is recommended to drink Lady’s mantle tea for the first eight days after giving birth. Pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of lady’s mantle, allow it to stand for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink. You can drink two cups a day.

Treatment for leucorrhea: 

Boil 1 liter of water and add 50 grams of dried plant without roots. Strain and drink throughout the day.

Treatment for irregular periods: 

Drink a combination of lady’s mantle and yarrow. Pour over three tablespoons of this mixture 1 liter of water. Strain after 20 minutes and drink.
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