10 Iron Rich Foods

Iron is one of the most important ingredients for normal functioning of the organism as it helps to transport oxygen through the body. Iron deficiency causes anemia, while a chronic lack of iron beside a weakness and fatigue can cause much more serious health problems.

Women during their reproductive age are more prone to anemia because of the menstrual cycle during which they lose a lot of blood. A recommended dietary allowance of iron for an adult human is 18 mg. During pregnancy the need for iron grows to 30 mg per day, and during breastfeeding it returns to normal, 18 mg daily. In menopausal period recommended daily allowance for women are about 10 mg.

People can raise their level of iron better by consuming animal products 15-35%, instead of vegetables 2-20%. It is recommended to take Vitamin C because it will help in raising the level of iron, you could drink lemonade, eat oranges or red peppers with foods rich in iron. On the other hand calcium or calcium-rich foods such as milk, for example, should be avoided as it may decrease the absorption of iron. 

10 Iron Rich Foods

1. Beef

In 85 g of beef has 5.24 mg of iron, but also there is plenty of proteins, which will help you build  up your muscles.

2. Liver

The largest amount of iron can be found in ducks liver (to even 170% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) iron per 100 grams of the liver), then chicken liver (72% per 100 grams). Turkey liver is slightly less rich with iron (67%) and beef (36%).

3. Spinach

Approximately 50 g of spinach leaves contains 6.43 mg of iron, but also a lot of vitamin A, calcium and potassium. Spinach is rich with ingredients that positively influence on various metabolic processes in the body and strengthen bones, also preventing and alleviating osteoporosis.

4. Cocoa and dark chocolate

In 100 grams of pure cocoa to which is not added sugar, milk or fat can be found around 36 milligrams of iron, which is about 200% RDA of iron. But it is really hard to eat that much cocoa, and it would be unhealthy too. However, you can stir one tablespoon of cocoa powder in a little water with honey. By drinking this you already meet 10% RDA of iron. The majority of black chocolate contains around 3 milligrams of iron, which is one sixth (100 g = 3 mg).

 5. Lentils

There is around 6.59 mg of iron in 50 g of lentils, which is easily absorbed into the body. Lentils can be prepared as a soup or salad. Besides iron, lentils are rich in fiber and vitamin A and is very good for cleansing the colon.
iron rich food
Iron Rich Food

6. Shellfish

Seafood is extremely rich in iron. For example, 100 g of lobster meat has 155% of the RDA of iron, six medium size oysters contains around 28% of the RDA. Mussels are also very rich in iron: 100 grams of mussels contains around 37% of the RDA.

7. Dried herbs

Thyme, parsley, mint, pepper, marjoram and oregano are very rich in iron. Specifically, dried thyme has the most: one tablespoon contains 21% of the RDA of iron (100 grams = 124 milligrams of iron). One tablespoon of parsley contains 11% while one tablespoon of mint 10% of the RDA. Most of other herbs, such as rosemary, basil, coriander, oregano, marjoram, black pepper, contains around 5% of the RDA of iron.

8. Dried apricots

Dried apricots are very rich with vitamin A. There is around 6.3 mg of iron in 100 grams of apricots (100 grams is equal to 20 apricots). This represents 35% of the RDA.

9. Dried tomatoes

Dried tomato is ideal for making spaghetti sauce or with meat. But what is even more better about dried tomatoes is that they are rich in iron, 100 grams has around 51% of the RDA of iron.

10. Seeds

Roasted sesame seeds are also very rich in iron, 100 grams contains around 82% of the RDA of iron. One tablespoon of sesame seeds provides around 12%.

Pumpkin and especially its seeds are very rich in iron, 100 grams of seeds contains around 83% of the RDA of iron. Dried seeds are usually richer in iron than baked, so try to find those, or dry them yourself.

Sunflower seeds are very rich in vitamin E, but 100 grams of these seeds also contains around 29% of the RDA of iron.
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