How to cure a stomachache

Stomachache may be very painful, but you can relieve the pain easily and effectively with ingredients that every household has. There are many causes of abdominal cramps. They can originate from the digestive organs, aorta, appendicitis, kidney or spleen, and may also be the result of an infection inside the body. The majority of women has stomach cramps during the menstrual cycle, a similar pain can also sometimes occur after finishing exercises. Pain intensity does not always indicate the severity of the cause; very painful cramps can be caused by harmless gases that pass through your digestive system, while a life-threatening condition such as colon cancer or wound inflammation of the appendix, can pass with little or no pain, so the severity of cramps do not always have to go in step with the intensity of pain.

There are special mixtures of teas and light exercises for your stomach to prevent this problem. The human digestive system during the life process around 30 tons of food (this amount corresponds to a large loaded truck) and about 50,000 liters of liquid. In order for the body to make use of fats, proteins and carbohydrates from food, they must be pre-processed. It involves 24 hours of hard work for our stomach and intestines. The food is usually reserved for four hours in the stomach, it takes around six hours to pass through a small intestine, and seven hours through the colon. This is how it looks the process of digestion, which is in itself very difficult. When you add stress, malnutrition, starvation or overeating to this than it may lead to a very unpleasant problem.

Recognize Abdominal Pain

When you have stomachache it is very helpful to massage your abdomen. This is the easiest way to eliminate problems with your stomach. Gentle, circular movement in clockwise direction. This is a very helpful method when stomach problems occur in babies. Another solution is hot water bottle. Fill the bottle with hot water and put it on your stomach. The heat that radiates from a hot water bottle will calm the intestines and restore balance in the function of the stomach. You can easily use and warm compress soaked in chamomile. Take one smaller towel and soak in a warm and more concentrated chamomile tea, squeeze out the liquid and place it on the stomach. Prepared in this way compresses will soothe cramps and stomach pain.

Natural remedies for treating stomachache

Grated apple 

This fruit is considered as one of the healthiest. Apples include water, fiber, fruit acids, pectin, vitamin C and minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. Grate one apple and let it stand for a bit and when it changes color, when it becomes brown, eat it. It will help to eject toxins from the body and it will positively affect the regulation of intestinal flora.

Black Tea 

Prepare black tea with the addition of a little salt and honey which will act refreshingly and it will have a beneficial effect on the stomach. It is recommended to drink one cup several times a day.

Healthy mixture

Mix 30 g of fennel, 30 gr of cumin, 30 gr of coriander and 10 gr of angelica root. Take three tablespoons of this mixture and ground it in mortar and pestle. After every meal eat a little, on top of the blade. At the same time drink chamomile tea. Pour 200 ml of water over one tablespoon of chamomile, cover and let it stand for about an hour. Strain and drink.

Tea made from coriander, chamomile, basil, mint, caraway and fennel 

Many herbalists say that coriander is very good antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and aphrodisiac. Caraway regulates gases while basil maintain balance in the intestinal flora, and peppermint acts soothing to the stomach and intestines, and reduces cramps, nausea, pain and occurrence of excess air. Mint has a big part in regulating the digestive system and participates in the creation of gastric juices necessary for digestion. Fennel stimulates digestion, reduces bloating and cramping. Depending on the symptoms you have you can prepare tea from each plant listed separately, or combine them. The best solution is to drink 2-3 cups freshly prepared tea during the day.

Tea mixture 

Take equal parts of chamomile, mint and lemon balm. Take one spoon of this mixture and pour over 200 ml of boiling water. Cover the cup instantly and wait for 15 minutes. Strain and drink sip by sip.
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  1. Great article and very helpful information. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you so much.

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad it was helpful :)

  2. How do you recommend buying the herbs for the tea? It sounds like maybe it is sold ready to be used for tea somewhere?

    I have a stomach problem and chamomile has been helpful, but I've only been using tea bags from the store. I would like to buy the raw product.

    1. I think that the best solution for you is to find the nearest herbal pharmacy and try to find chamomile there in bulk. If you want to be sure in the quality you can even grow chamomile in your own garden.

    2. Thanks for getting back to me. I ate some grapefruit, which I found on your website, and that helped a little, so I bought Grapefruit Seed Extract, and that has been helping more than anything else. I've only been taking it for 2 days now but it has really started to help feel a little more normal. I guess this means I might have some kind stomach bacteria? This has been what I was thinking for a long time, but none of the doctors I've seen have helped at all with that. Everything started around the time I came back from a packpacking/camping trip in Europe.

      Sorry for the lengthy response but I thought you might be interested. Anything else I should be taking or tests you can recommend considering GSE has been helpful?

    3. Thank you very much for the lengthy response :) There are probably more people that suffer from the same problem and this will also be very helpful for them :) I'm glad that GSE is helping you and since you see the change on better you should continue to take it. Please read well the instruction on the box how to take it and for how long. As for the tests it is best to consult your doctor to tell you which tests to do in order to verify if you have bacteria in your body. I'm really glad that you feel better and I wish you perfect health :)