Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter is time when our skin is exposed to low temperatures and wind. In order to protect your skin during the winter, you don't need expensive beauty products. All you need is a little imagination and a few natural ingredients. By taking care of your skin in the cold winter days you will achieve not only good look but your skin will be prepared for the upcoming warmer days.

1. Buy yourself a humidifier
In winter we spend a lot of time in rooms that are heated, and these conditions dry out our skin. By buying a humidifier you'll increase humidity in the room in which you spend most of your time. They infuse the air with moisture and improve dry skin. It is necessary to replace the water in the humidifier every day so bacteria don't grow.

2. Don't take long shower with hot water, because it dries the skin
People like to relax and warm up under a hot shower. But it can act extremely drying to the skin. Take shorter showers and try to use warm instead of hot water. After showering, gently tap the body with a towel in order to leave the skin a bit of moist. 

3. Don't use alcohol-based products
Check the declaration and avoid skin products on the basis of fragrance and alcohol because they irritate dry and sensitive skin.

4. Use oil while bathing
Fill the tub with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite oil (almond, coconut, olive). This little trick will significantly soften your skin.

5. Use body creams instead of lotions
Gentle makeup remover products may also help alleviate the dryness and redness of the face. Dermatologists advise to use body creams or oils instead of body lotions because they are more efficient.

winter skin care

6. Drink plenty of liquids
It is not enough to moisten your skin from the outside, you also need to drink enough liquid. Beside plenty of water that you need to drink, there are also teas, hot soups, fruit and vegetable juices that will help you increase your daily liquid intake.

7. Take care of your feet and hands
Add a few drops of cold pressed oils (coconut, shea, argan, sesame...) in your favorite body cream. Once a week, apply a thick layer of cream on the hands and feet, wear cotton gloves and socks and get ready for bed. In the morning, your skin will be soft and supple.

8. Disinfection products help
During the winter most people wash their hands more frequently because of the fear of flu and viruses. This will additionally dry hands, so a good idea is to apply hand cream every time after washing hands or cleaning them with disinfectant gels. This can help prevent dehydration, but it should be borne in mind that disinfectant products can not replace hand washing with soap and water or remove all bacteria from them.

9. Lip balm is necessary
If you don't protect your lips in a proper way the thin skin of the lips will be exposed to the extreme weather conditions and painful cracks will soon appear. It is necessary to protect your lips regularly with a balm based on natural oils.

10. Adjust your skincare to the season
Winter skin care differs significantly from the summer skin care. Light creams and lotions are replaced by fatty products. This is necessary for your skin to painlessly get through the winter.
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