Ingrown Nail Treatment

Those who have experienced ingrown fingernail at least once in their lifetime are well aware that it is a very unpleasant condition. The pain is almost unbearable, it prevents proper walking and makes wearing shoes practically impossible in some cases. 

If you are not sure whether you do have an ingrown toe nail or not these are the symptoms: redness, swelling around the nail, pain when you touch, the skin along the edge of the nail is cracked and the fluid or blood is leaking. If you suspect that your nail is growing in meat, be sure to consult with your doctor to prevent possible inflammation of the nail and he will give you advice for further treatment of ingrown nails.

One of the things that you can do in order to prevent new ingrown nail is to properly cut nails. The most important thing is to cut your nails straight, not with rounded edges that usually cause a problem or in the form of V. In the case of tight and uncomfortable shoes, the toe is the first to be hit, so if your nails are not properly cut off, the chances of ingrown nails are very high.

Ingrown Nail Treatment
Ingrown Nail

Make your own ingrown nail treatment and prepare naturals remedies in your home:

1. Bandage made of Eggplant

If you have problems with the ingrown nail one of the remedies is to put a slice of eggplant several times during the day

2. Taking care of the ingrown toe nail

You will need: 1 tablespoon of flour and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Mix well flour and honey and put it on a piece of gauze. Place it on a nail and put a bandage over it. Let it stay for some time. After removing the bandage, rinse your finger with tea made of chamomile.

3. Make a horsetail bath 

You will need: 100 gr of meadow horsetail and 2 liters of water.

Mince dry horsetail and cover it with boiling water. Allow to stand for 2-3 hours covered, than drain. Before use heat the liquid and dip the ingrown nail for 20-30 minutes. The same liquid can be used 2-3 times. Heat the liquid before every use.

4. Flax flour 

You will need flax seeds and hot water.

Ground flax seeds and with constant stirring add hot water until it becomes porridge. Put a small quantity on a piece of gauze and place it on your ingrown toe nail, place a bandage over it and leave it overnight.
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