Nettle one of the best herbal blood cleansers

The nettle juice has proven to be good remedy against rheumatism and arthritis. As nettle has a lot of iron it is also used in the treatment of anemia. Even those who it have asthma and skin problems drink this juice. It is also believed that it prevents respiratory and urinary problems, and loss of hair. You don’t have to always diluted with water, you can just sprinkle over the pancakes.

nettle juice - blood cleanser
Nettle juice
The two most used recipes, first one is very simple to make and the second one is in combination with lemon and honey, are:

1. You will need:
1 kg of leaves young Nettle,
2.5 liters of water and
Sugar (500 gr for every 500 ml of fluid).

Wash and drain the nettle leaves. Soak the leaves in the water and simmer on a medium heat for about an hour, adding water. Strain, add sugar and stir until it melts completely. Pour the syrup into glass bottles and close tightly. (You can add leaves of ribes in combination with the nettle leaves in a 1:1 ratio).

2. You will need:
around 400 gr of fresh young nettle leaves,
juice made of 6 large lemons,
800 gr of sugar,
5 tablespoons full of clover honey and
1 liter of filtered water.

If you don’t like the idea of this much sugar you can substitute it with honey, but only part, for example 300 gr of sugar replace with 1 kg of honey. Honey shouldn’t be boiled but added in the cooled syrup. Juice prepared like this has a shorter shelf life.

Pour the water into a pot along with the sugar (you can put half of brown and half of white sugar). Put the pot on the stove to cook and stir occasionally (when it boils let it simmer for 5 minutes). If the foam appears on the surface remove it with the spoon.

Wash and chop nettle leaves. Put the leaves in a ceramic vessel and pour over the sugar syrup. Place the plate over the vessel and press it with a heavier jar. Leave it for 10 minutes and then add the lemon juice and honey. Squeeze the juice out with your hands and separate the leaves. When you get the syrup, strain it through strainer if needed. Pour the syrup into sterilized bottles, close the well and leave in the cool and dark place.

The juice is made by mixing ¼ cup of syrup with ¾ cup of water. Syrup can last up to 6 months.

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