Dates as a natural remedy for many diseases

Dates are a great source of natural fibers, which are essential for the body. The natural sugars found in dates is the perfect alternative to the sugar we use every day. Dates are very easy to digest and reduce hunger. By its composition dates are natural multivitamin pill, which can be used by children and adults. Dates can help in curing anemia, high blood pressure, cholesterol and almost any disease.

dates as a remedy

It is believed that dates are effective in cancer treatment, for which is responsible the element selenium, which is contained in dates. Dates are good for treating liver disease and cleansing the body of toxins. Taking juice of dates helps in the treatment of sore throat, fever and different types of colds. Dates are an excellent remedy against alcohol intoxication. Some of the benefits of dates are:

Dates give you energy
Dates are a great energy amplifier, because they contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose. You can get the maximum effect of dates if you mix them with milk. This nutritious meal has very few calories and a lot of energy values​​.

"Vitamins for the eyes"
Dates contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which is why dates are called "vitamins for the eyes." Lutein and zeaxanthin are especially important for the retina and the macula of the eye, because they support the epithelial cells for good eyesight and can prevent damage of the macula, which occurs in old age. So if you want to preserve the good vision you should eat dates daily.

Ideal food for fasters
Doctors are the first to advise patients who are being treated by fasting to break their fast by eating natural sugar which can be found in fruit and water. Since we know that dates contain a high percentage of sugar which is easily absorbed, then it is clear that the dates and water are the best food for fasters.

Excellent source of iron
Anemic patients should eat as many dates, as they are an excellent source of iron. Only 100 grams of dates contain about 0.90 of iron, which is about 11% of the recommended daily value. Iron, as part of the hemoglobin within red blood cells, determines the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood. Most needs for iron have children during puberty and pregnancy.

dates as a remedy

Eases childbirth
An experiment conducted at the University of Science and Technology in Jordan showed that consumption of dates 4 weeks before childbirth, eased labor pains and reduced bleeding. Women who ate dates before childbirth, had easier and faster childbirth, as opposed to those women who did not use dates. In addition, dates helped women overcome the postpartum depression, and to produce enough milk for the baby.

Baby Food
Sugar in dates is a type of sugar that is most easily absorbed and digested, so it is suitable for newborns, but dates need to be finely powdered or soaked in water before giving your child, to make them easier it eat. Modern Institute of Food advises to give dates to children who suffer from a nervous nature or hyperactivity.

Strengthen the heart
People with a weak heart can use this recipe: soak dates with seeds in water in the evening. In the morning, remove the seeds from the dates, grind them in a blender along with the water in which they stood during the night. This medicine is taken several times a day to strengthen your heart.

Remedy for a hard chair
Dates can stop a diarrhea, but can also help you digest food faster and easier. In the evening, put a couple of dates in a clean water, and let it rest for the night. At night dates will let its juice, that is an excellent laxative, which will stimulate lazy bowel. In the U.S. dates are packed in small bottles as medicines and are prescribed as a remedy for constipation. Dates are rich with fiber, 100 grams of dates (10-21 dates) contains 8.5 grams of fiber.

From this we can see that dates are very healthy and that it is beneficial to eat dates every day. So what are you waiting for? Make a change and start consuming this wonderful fruit to preserve your health.
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