Whey - Friend of the liver

Whey is rich in protein, vitamins (B2, B6, B12, C, K), amino acids, enzymes, minerals that preserve life (calcium, phosphorus potassium, magnesium), prevent demineralization of bones and organs, and many other for health and development, necessary materials. Minerals maintain muscle tone and prevent high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. While proteins prevent osteoporosis, regulates cholesterol, stop the effect of dental plaque, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, which is very important for regeneration of the liver . That’s why, whey is so important for people who drink too many pills. 

whey liver
The liver is the largest gland in the body and is the only internal organ that has the power of regeneration. Liver diseases are common causes of death so it is very important take care of her. Liver performs daily numerous, complex and important functions in our body to keep us in the life and good health, such as: 
  1. Plays a key role in the processing of the food we eat, 
  2. In the process of detoxification, it protects us from the harmful effects of many toxins that we are exposed. 
Chemically produced drugs burden the liver, as foreign and unnatural substances in the body and therefore it is recommended to take whey during the therapy. Whey is also recommended for weight loss because whey protein enhances weight loss and raise the level of muscle mass.

When starting with the therapy for liver regeneration with the help of whey it is necessary to drink whey in a longer period of time every day (from 0.5 to 1 liter) and thereby avoid fatty foods, alcohol, cigarettes and any other toxins and substances that damages the liver. In order to achieve better and faster healing it is preferable to use young cheese in your diet. It is best to eat it for breakfast and on an empty stomach.
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