Natural remedies for treating sinus infection

Sinusitis is a condition caused by inflammation of the lining of the sinuses. The reasons for the occurrence can vary, but the most common are autoimmune diseases, bacterial, fungal or viral infections. In nature it can be found a number of plants that could help ease the inflammation of the sinuses, and will also reduce the risk of a recurrence.

There are many medications that may help you treat sinusitis and flu, but it is important to know how to separate these two. Flu symptoms are relieved after seven days, and in the case of sinusitis, inflammation can last much longer, and in some cases it may even worsen. In general, for the treatment of both problems similar preparations can be used.

Sinusitis is a condition in which the cavity above the eyebrows, under the eyes and nasal areas are inflamed. In the case of sinusitis most classic drugs do not work, but there are some natural remedies that are highly effective. Inhaling steam is the best remedy for sinus infection. You can lean over the bowl in which you've put hot nettle tea and cover your head with a towel. Or you can also put a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus in boiling water.


Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, which relieves nasal congestion and helps the purification of sinuses. Inhaling scent of orange will also help in clearing the sinuses. Studies have shown that daily consumption of oranges can significantly reduce the risk of sinusitis, which is a real challenge for people who have suffered from sinusitis at least once.

orange for sinus infection


Garlic has excellent antibacterial and antimycotic properties, that will effectively alleviate sinusitis caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. Allicin, an ingredient that gives the garlic recognizable odor, has an antibiotic effect, which is very effective in treating this unpleasant disease.
garlic for sinus infection


Nettle relieves sinusitis symptoms, including eye irritation and itching of the nose. This herb, if taken as a tea or tincture, encourages the immune system to be more effective and fight against sinus infections. It will also stimulate the release of mucus from the sinuses, which is the main cause of the pain.
nettle tea for sinus infection
Nettle Tea
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    Here in the above article more sinus infection treatments are provided. As you have mentioned about garlic and ginger which are the best ingredients for sinus infection. All above natural remedies are best treatment for sinus infection. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.