Spice up your weight loss

If you are trying to find something that could help you slim down and you are tired of searching for a perfect diet or all of the pills that the market is offering you, than you should sneak in your kitchen, and there you'll find some spices that might help you. There are 5 main spices that are known that could help you slim. Those 5 are: cinnamon, black pepper, hot pepper, mustard, ginger.

cinnamon weight loss

When 'Diabetes Care' ran a study about the significance of the cinnamon it showed out that one coffee spoon of cinnamon can lower the level of sugar in the blood and it can also affect the processing of carbohydrates. The study also showed that it can lower the level of cholesterol by 25%. However, it is not recommended to eat large quantities of cinnamon because it contains coumarin, which can damage your liver if it is consumed in very large quantities. The recommended dosage is 2-3 coffee spoons daily.

Black pepper
black pepper weight loss

Black pepper is one of the most known and most used spices in the world. It has very beneficial effects on the body but the thing that is less known is that it is associated with weight loss. The main ingredient of the black pepper is piperine, which increases the breakdown of fat for more than 8%, couple of hours after a meal. 

Hot pepper
hot pepper weight loss

The main ingredient in hot peppers, capsaicin, has proven thermogenic effect, meaning it stimulates the central nervous system that increases body temperature, which increases the burning of calories. Some studies have shown that capsaicin suppresses the appetite, and if you are not a fan of spicy food than you should know that capsaicin is equally effective in capsule form too.

mustard weight loss

Similar to other hot spices mustard is also one that will help you in your battle. Researchers from Oxford came to the conclusion that by eating mustard you could burn of up to 50 calories from a 700 calorie meal.

ginger weight loss

Ginger is known as an herbal diuretic, or a substance that accelerates the expulsion of urine from the body, but it also positively affects the digestive process, by helping the food to more easily travel through the digestive tract.
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