Six benefits of eating watermelon

Watermelon is composed of 92 percent water, so this is an excellent fruit selection for this summer. It has lots of benefits and some of them are:


1. Watermelons are full of lycopene
Lycopene is a plant pigment found in red fruits or vegetables, such as red peppers, tomatoes, carrots and watermelons. Researchers have recently found that watermelon has the same amount or even more lycopene than tomatoes. One slice of watermelon contains 18.16 mg of lycopene, while one medium tomato contains 4 mg. Preliminary research has shown lycopene has been considered a potential agent for prevention of some types of cancers, particularly prostate cancer. However, this area of research and the relationship with prostate cancer have been deemed insufficient of evidence for health claim approval by the US Food and Drug Administration.

2. Vitamin C
One slice of watermelon provides 25 percent of daily requirement for vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for healthy teeth and gums, helps in absorption of iron, maintain healthy connective tissues of the skin, immune function and wound healing. This vitamin has antioxidant properties and prevents cell damage by neutralizing free radicals - molecules that are believed to be associated with aging and the appearance of certain diseases. It has been noticed that people who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to meet daily requirements for vitamin C, have healthier blood pressure than those who do not eat enough of these important ingredients.

3. Vitamin A
Watermelon has a lot of vitamin A, which plays an important role in the health of the eye, bone growth, reproduction, and cell division. Vitamin A is vital for many other functions, including the regulation of the immune system and the production of lymphocytes. One slice provides 30 percent of daily requirement. A refreshing snack will help your immune system to stay strong.


4. You can lose weight in a healthy way
If you are fighting with couple of kilograms than you should keep in mind that a slice of watermelon has only 40 calories. This delicious fruit has a low caloric value, but it is rich in nutrients.

5. Keeps a healthy heart
Studies have shown that people who eat at least three servings of fruits and vegetables a day have a significantly lower risk of dying from stroke, heart disease and other cardiac causes than people who eat only one serving per day. Since watermelon is so nutritious and does not burden the body fat, you should try  to replace salty snacks and chocolate with this delicious fruit, that once cooled down is even tastier than an ice cream.

6. Natural water intake
One cup of sliced cubes of watermelon contains about 90 percent of water. This liquid does not contain common chemical compounds from water supply and plastic containers, and is considered the best source of fluid for the body.
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