High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is considered to be one of the most common diseases that can occur in all ages. It is considered one of the biggest health problems. If you want to keep this problem under control, then the first step is to change your diet. People that are suffering from high blood pressure, is mandatory to eat fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to eat every day 10 hawthorn berries, raw or dry. All wheat food is necessary to be replaced with corn, barley or rye products. People with high blood pressure should not eat salty foods. It is necessary to eat less and more often unsalted foods, fruits, vegetables and pasta. In the evening you should take acid in an organic form as apples, grapes and cranberries. It is necessary to take four glasses of juice a day. In addition to many well-known teas among the most famous teas for treating high blood pressure is the tea of milfoil.

As one of the well-known remedies for treating high blood pressure, which you probably have in your kitchen, is garlic. During every meal you should eat couple of cloves of garlic to regulate high blood pressure. According to an old recipe it is necessary to peel and chop a head of garlic and put it in a teacup together with sour cream. Mix all this together and drink one coffee cup one hour before every meal. High blood pressure can be stabilized by regularly using ingredients like garlic, parsley, lemon, berries and pears. By drinking tea of mistletoe, vervain and rosemary it helps lowering blood pressure, encouraging better blood circulation and preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. The most effective teas are of: mistletoe, white hawthorn, olive, black currant and garlic syrup.

Natural remedies for high blood pressure

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