"Warm lemonade" for improving your immune system

Do you have trouble with loosing weight? Or maybe you have problems with digesting food? By drinking one cup of warm water with squeezed half a lemon every morning you can speed up your metabolism, strengthen immune system and reduce hunger. This type of "warm lemonade", which should be at room temperature, is rich in vitamin C and strengthens the immune system. Lemon juice is similar to the structure of the gastric juices and has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It is good against heartburn and bloating. Lemon is very helpful in the fight against skin aging. Antioxidants from lemon are used to fight against free radicals that cause skin aging. Lemons are rich with vitamin C, that helps to build collagen, which keeps wrinkles under control.

lemonade for immune system
This type of citrus includes pectin, which creates a feeling of fullness. Lemon juice acts also as a diuretic, stimulates the production of urine and cleanses the urinary tract. In addition, it reduces the possibility of imprisonment. Lemon has great antiseptic properties and is able to kill all the bad bacteria in the mouth and it acts antibacterial. A glass of lemon water instead of coffee in the morning is much healthier. Lukewarm water with lemon protects health, reduces stress and depression, and furthermore it contains vitamin P (flavonoids), which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the capillaries. In addition to this lemon helps to heal wounds faster, lemon drink is also good to strengthen bones, cartilage, and it soothes inflammation.
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