Reduce or eliminate redness of the eyes

For the treatment of eye diseases, a variety of plants are used since ancient times. Thus Rosewater is used to relax tired eyes, bilberry improves vision and pickled vegetables are reducing cataracts. Some of the herbs and vegetables you that need to use regularly for the health of your eyes is: Parsley, because it contains the vitamins A and C; Tomatoes, thanks to the wealth of copper, lycopene, minerals and vitamins E, A and C protect the eyes of cataracts and macular degeneration, Carrots, which if you eat on a daily basis satisfies your body's needs for vitamin A and reduces the chances of getting cataracts by 60%.

Based on the study of older people who ate foods low in vitamin C, it appears that they are more prone to cataracts. This study was conducted using data on diet of 5 600 subjects older than 60 years which was measured by the presence of vitamin C in the blood. Results of the research showed that the risk of cataract formation decreases proportionally with the increased presence of vitamin C in the blood.

Plants have been used since ancient times for making compresses for the eyes to cure allergies, irritation, tired eyes, viral and bacterial infections. Unlike our grandmothers who used the boiled leaves of plants to cover their eyes, we now have sterile gauzes for the better effect. The most commonly used herbs for making warm compresses are: Sage, Roman and German Chamomile, Lavender and Myrtle.

Below we will show you how to make warm compresses to ease the pain in your eyes. I hope that you'll find them helpful.

Marigold compresses for the swollen dark circles

For dark circles use the coverings of marigold. Boil 100 ml of water and pour it over one spoon of marigold flowers. After ten minutes, strain the flowers. Be sure to soak the compress with lukewarm and not hot tea. Lie down and put the soaked gauze on the dark circles and hold it for 15 minutes. This process can be repeated twice a day.
Marigold compresses for the swollen dark circles around the eyes

Compresses of rose water for tired eyes

Pour half liter of boiling water over 30 grams of red rose petals, cover it and after ten minutes strain the petals. Soak gauze in this liquid and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes.
Rose petals

Compresses for allergic eye symptoms

Eye allergy symptoms often lead to inflammation, which is manifested by itching and watery eyes. For the treatment of allergic reactions use a mixture solution of Myrtle and Roman chamomile. Soak gauze, lie down and keep them on the eyes for 15 minutes. Place them on your eyes in the morning and in the evening.
Roman chamomile

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