Diabetes is a disease that occurs due to disturbed function of the pancreas gland that produces insulin, or generated insulin can not be used. This disorder is caused by taking excessive amount of sugar or food that produces sugar, which is aggregated in the blood. Insufficient amount of insulin can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia). Long-term hyperglycemia can be harmful to the whole body, damaging many organs and tissues, starting from the blood vessels.

diabetes, natural remedies for diabetes

The main factors that generate this condition, other than sugar, are nervous breakdown, long-term worries and fretfulness, weakened function of the liver (organ which is responsible to process and distribute sugar in the body), poor condition of kidneys. This is not a short term disorder but it might be very long. When the patient is diagnosed with diabetes the first thing is to find out the true reason which caused it. Depending on what was the cause of the disease a specialist will determine a proper treatment followed by adequate diet.

Main symptoms are: excessive thirst, the need for large amounts of liquid, frequent urination, weight loss, numbness of the arms and legs, spasms. Due to large amounts of sugar in the blood a person may also experience the loss of consciousness.

List of  herbal teas and natural remedies for diabetes:

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